Tinty – Red Pointed Cabbage

Red cabbage with the shape and delicious taste of a pointed cabbage.

  • Good shelf life, leaving hardly any waste in the supply chain
  • Can be packed per piece (sealed), but also as a very attractive twin pack in combination with a green pointed cabbage
  • Thinner, softer leaves for a delicious, mild, sweet flavour
  • Easy preparation in the kitchen and very versatile
  • Can be enjoyed in many dishes for example, salads, steamed and boiled preparations (also in the microwave) or stir fried
  • Very healthy and trendy product
  • Bright red colour that is preserved during preparation
  • Can also be grown as mini
  • Good field standing ability Growing period 70-75 days
  • Various sizes (weighing 300 to 1300 grams)
Tinty red pointed cabbage