“Quality All the Way” Hazera introduces its new products at the Watermelon & Melon Days in Murcia, Spain

Hazera, that proudly carries the banner of quality, justifies its slogan once again during the Watermelon & Melon days held in Murcia, Spain

Hazera presented a range of watermelon sizes, from personal to midi watermelons (1 to 6kg), all focused on top internal qualities, such as intense red color, high crunchiness and excellent taste, together with fruit uniformity. One extremely important innovation is PMR (Powdery Mildew) resistance in the new generation of personal watermelons. This genetic achievement is of great benefit to growers, and particularly to organic growers.

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The event was attended by specialists from leading supermarket chains, fresh cut, companies, buyers, key growers and cooperatives. The fresh cut fruits display proved that Hazera mid-size watermelons are a perfect fit for the fresh cut market based on their firmness combined with high crispiness while also being perfect for fresh consumption thanks to their wonderful flavor.
Hazera exhibited boxes with fruits that had been harvested 3, 5, 7 days before to enable visitors observing the real fresh-cut shelf life of several melons & watermelon varieties.

Among the melons Hazera presented a few innovative directions: the “Angel type” – a unique tasting melon with special flavor resulting from a a combination between a Galia & Ananas type with extended shelf life a, and a Golden Cantaloupe that offers unique attractiveness and taste.

All the fruits were presented side by side as exposed in supermarket conditions and in the field providing 2 points of view for each product