Ready for the future: official opening of Hazera’s new R&D breeding station in Warmenhuizen

Hazera opened the new Crucifer R&D Station last Tuesday. The research station offers the state-of-the-art facilities that breeders need to accelerate and improve breeding processes., Innovative technology, new facilities, more light, more space ensure better breeding results, covering our partners needs and optimal working conditions in which both plants and employees flourish.

In recent months the final touches have been made to the new building, which consists largely of greenhouses, research rooms and offices. In total, the new station covers ten hectares; bigger than the current location in Tuitjenhorn. “And that makes us ready for the future”, according to the breeding director Dr. Rik van Wijk. With new means and equipment, Hazera breeds varieties belonging to the Crucifers group: Brassica such as cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and radishes. The center is built according to ecological building standards.

Deputy Economy and Agriculture of the province of North Holland, Jaap Bond:
“ Provincial Economy and Agriculture of the province of North Holland congratulates Hazera with the new R&D station in Warmenhuizen. “The seed breeding sector is of great importance for the Dutch economy. They are leaders in the field of permanent innovation and annual (research) investments that no sector in the world can compete with. I am proud to have a gem like Hazera in the province of Noord-Holland. ”

Partners from all over the world came to celebrate with Hazera team: the board of Limagrain Group, the international agri-business cooperative based in France, customers, suppliers, municipalilty representatives, Hazera management and employees and many others. Carolien Wagenaar, Seed Vally: “ Hazera’s new research center once again confirms that Seed Valley is the center for innovative plant breeding. It strengthens our position as a global center.”|

Thanks to all the enthusiastic reactions, this opening was a great happening for Hazera and her employees!