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Meet us at Fruit Logistica 2018

Hazera continues its fresh supply chain commitment by being present at Fruit Logistica 2018, presenting new products, ideas and opportunities for partnerships in the fresh produce supply chain.

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Successful through innovation

'The Netherlands is the market leader in the export of onions. Hazera plays a major role in this success. At the moment we are ranked third in the export of onions worldwide.

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Hazera's mini watermelons - the winning team

Personal watermelons currently account for about 15% of the US watermelon market, and the percentage is steadily increasing. Among the reasons for this impressive growth are consumer enjoyment of the truly delicious taste and convenience of the mini-watermelon, as well as the fact that American families are getting smaller.

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Committed to Growing Together

Hazera is a global leading seed company. Hazera brings expertise, commitment and support, combining decades of experience with state-of-the-art technology. 

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Partners for the Fresh Chain

Our experts actively engage with partners all over fresh produce chains to evaluate their needs Read more


Our Varieties

Honey-Dew tomatoHazera offers varieties in a wide range of crops including tomato, onion, pepper, watermelon, headed cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, melon, cucumber, radish, leek and lettuce. Beside agronomic qualities such as yield and disease resistance, Hazera is focusing on qualities required by the fresh chain Read more